03 January 2017

Access Early Canadiana Online through the Ottawa Public Library

There's good news from the Ottawa Public Library for Canada150 via genealogy librarian Romaine Honey. The OPL has now subscribed to Early Canadiana Online. It’s now available free to all OPL cardholders to be accessed remotely (as long as you are logged in to the library website) as well as in all library branches.
Details at the library blog; here's an extract.
"Early Canadiana Online provides an extensive repository of primary-source documents for history buffs and genealogists alike.  Its collections cover aboriginal studies, official publications, literature, genealogy, health and medicine, women’s history, and more.  For entertainment value, a browse through the Early Canadian Periodicals collection is highly recommended.  Here you can read classics like Canadian Illustrated News (1869-83), or curiosities like the intriguingly named Grinchuckle (1869-70) and Grumbler (1858-69).  If you happen to be regretting an overindulgent holiday season, repent with all 351 issues of the Canadian Temperance Advocate (1835-1855)."
To find Early Canadiana Online scroll down at https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/databases/search-all.
I found that sometimes this and other subscriptions weren't recognized, hopefully temporary.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I gave this a try today. Although you can search the database, you can't see the results. Hopefully, this will be corrected.