Thursday, 12 January 2017

Findmypast free access

From January 12 -15 Findmypast is opening up its birth, marriage death and census records to free access. To try it out start at


Chris Bukoski said...

It appears there is no free access. I created what I thought was a guest account. When I tried to view the records, I hit a pay wall. I was required to select a subscription. I could find no way to view the records.

JDR said...

Chris. I've received several messages from FMP re this and it's also mentioned in the Lost Cousins newsletter at which is a usually reliable source. Try again a bit later.

Gail B said...

Because I renewed my OGS subscription in December, I was given free access to FMP until Dec.4th 2017. I used a special code to get in and tried yesterday. It worked wonderfully for some of the family names, but not others at all. It is bewildering. The pay wall came up for some, and opened up for others. Go figure.