Friday, 6 January 2017

Frederick James Smith: Ottawa CEF Beechwood Burial

When Frederick James Smith signed his attestation paper in Edmonton on 22 July 1915 he was judged fit for overseas service.
When he died on 6 January 1917 it was at the Lady Grey Hospital, a tuberculosis sanatorium which later became part of the Royal Ottawa Hospital, now demolished. According to his Ontario death certificate he had been suffering from the disease since close to the date of his enlistment and had been at the Lady Grey for three months. Death was by inanition (exhaustion).
A rancher in the Peace River county prior to enlistment he had previous service with Ottawa's 43rd Rifles. Age 34 at time of death, he was the fourth son of the late John Smith of the Parliamentary Library and his wife Martha Martin. His remains are in Grave Reference: Sec. 29. Lot 44NE and 45N at Beechwood Cemetery.

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Cayley said...

Thank you for this information. Martha Martin is a distant cousin of my mum, I had information about her husband John Smith and knew the names of her children. This really adds to my family tree.

Thank you Jane