Friday, 27 January 2017

The Story of a Sign on a Wall

Howard Simkover was driving along Bank Street near Slater in Ottawa when his wife pointed out a sign. Perhaps you've seen it and been curious.
That was the start of a long research adventure. Who was G.A.Snider? What was he doing in Ottawa? What was his family history?
It's all told in a book and was recounted to a spellbound audience at Friday's Historical Society of Ottawa Meeting.
The sign dates from the early 1890s, preserved for decades by being sheltered by an adjacent building.
You can read the Snider story and about the research undertaken in a book in two parts, free online, made available by Mr Simkover (see below). It may be of particular interest to those researching the names of the descendants of  Frederick George Snider, Senior(1793-1877):
Elizabeth Agnes Bligh Snider (Anderson), William Sven Anderson, Ernest Francis Appelbe, Helen Hamil Snider (Appelbe), Helen Elizabeth Appelbe (Armour), Ian Armour, Kathleen Louise Snider (Bath), Evelyn Louise Church (Baker), Donald Herbert Baker, Harold Stewart Baker, Herbert Thomas Baker, Donald Henry Whitney Bath, Henry James Bath, James Bawtinhimer, Mary Snider (Bawtinhimer), Charles Vincent Bennett, Helen Florence Church (Bennett), Joyce Marie Bentley, Diana Selena Hicks (Bird), Sydney Bird, Lalia Patricia Snider (Benson), Mary Ann Leflar (Burns, Westbrook), Mary Muske (Campbell), Eugene Judson Chapin, Victoria Minnie Snider (Chapin), Cai Vagn Christensen, Mary Louise Snider (Christensen), Vagn Henrick Christensen, Helen Margaret Smith (Church), William Alvin Church, Shirley Barbara Carol Snider (Cunningham, Beckt), Emily Mary Kathleen Graydon (Eaton), Louis S. Eaton, Florence Helen Baker (Finnegan), Alice Sophia
Gage, Alma Theresa Gage, Edward Gage, Ella Alberta Gage, Madilla Gage, Moss Ingersoll Gage, Russel Olmsted Gage, Susan Snider (Gage), Annie Eileen Workman (Gould), Frederick Charles Newenham Graydon, Mary Marilla Snider (Graydon), Norah Louise Graydon, Ida Fidelia Whitney (Hicks, Snider), William Hicks, James Hunter, Gwendolyn Appelbe (Laidlaw), John Claris Laidlaw, Audrey Snider (Lawson), Margaret E. Templer (McCrimmon), Milton McCrimmon, Alice Alberta Wesbrook (McIntyre), Clarence Russel Miles, Margaret Calista Gage (Miles), William Frederick Miles, Mary Letitia Snider (Molson, Tinker), Madeleine Gordon Snider (Muske), Wilfred Cecil Muske, Ingersoll Olmstead, William Alfred Olmstead, Alice Alberta Miles (Porter), Frederick Russell Porter, Nellie Irene Klodt (Porter), Peter Porter, James Hammill Regan, James Thomas Hammill Regan, Kate Alma Gabel (Regan), Kathleen Helen Regan, Mabel Reata Harrington (Regan), Russell Templer Regan, Sarah Elizabeth Regan, William Snider Regan, Barbara Muske (Seadon), Catherine Snider (Smith, Westbrook), Ada H. McCracken (Snider), Alpheus Snider, Allan Young Snider, Arthur Milton Snider, Arthur Wesbrook Snider, Beatrice Ada Snider, Bertha Maria Wilson (Snider), Caroline Elizabeth Douglass (Snider), Carrie Snider, Catherine Desmarais (Snider), Cecil Robert Snider, Charles Royden Snider, Colin George Snider, David Snider, Doris DeGrasely (Snider), Dorothy Tyrwhitt (Snider), Edith Grasett Snider (Young), Edwin Palmerston Snider, Elizabeth Lemon (Snider), Elizabeth Zentner (Snider), Emily Snider, Emily Pemberton (Snider), Ernest Colin Snider, Esther Ann Snider, Evanda Marie Gentry (Snider), Fred Douglass Snider, Frederick G. Snider, Frederick George Snider (Senior), Frederick Samuel Snider, Frieda Louise Weiland (Snider), Geoffrey Hammill Snider, Geoffrey Tyrwhitt Snider, George Snider, George Allan Snider, George Frederick Snider, George Palmer Snider, Gordon Wilson Snider,Hedley Elliott Snider,Helen Bligh Grasett (Snider), Hubert Cecil Alpheus Snider, John William Snider, Kathleen Jean Boulter (Snider), Laurence Edwin Snider, Leigh Hammill Snider, Louisa Ellen Snider, Lucy Louise Martin (Snider), Margaret Snider, Margaret Hunter (Snider), Mary Clara Snider, Mary Elizabeth Foster (Snider), Mary Elizabeth Olivia Josephine Servos (Snider), Mary Hammill (Snider), Mary Murdy (Snider), Matilda Snider, Mercy Elizabeth Hammill (Snider), Milton Alpheus Snider, Pauline Winifred Snider, Richard Colin Snider, Robert P. Snider, Russell Oscar Snider, Ruth Olga Youngs (Snider), Sallie Agnes Sanders (Snider), Samuel Hammill Snider, Sarah Ann Snider, Susannah Gould (Snider), Thomas Allan Snider, Thomas Alpheus Snider, Thomas Beverly Snider, Thomas Robert Snider, Viola Carroline Comerford (Snider), Violet May Foster (Snider), Vivian Reginald Snider, Walter Bruce Snider, William Kern Snider, Edward Henry Stewart, Winifred
Snider (Stewart), Anna Adelia Brethour (Templer), Mabel Muriel Olmstead (Templer), Russell Alan Templer, Russell Gage Templer, William Templer, Harold Tinker (Junior), Harold Tinker (Senior), Helen Tinker, Eric Weiland, Ernest Weiland, Constance Marion Templer (Weir), Norman Louis Weir, Mary Ann Shaver (Westbrook), Mordecai Wesbrook, Annie Elizabeth Hicks (Wigle), William Henry Wigle, John Alexander Thomas Willis, Winifred Madeline Bath (Willis), Alexander Wilson, Barbara Murray Wilson, David Wilson, George Wilson, John Wilson, Lelah Hamil Snider (Wilson), William Wilson, Annie Tracy McIntyre (Workman), Thomas Oswald Workman, Constance Isobel Grace (Young, Stewart), Ethelwyn Mary Young, Helen Marjory Young, John Maitland Young, John Maitland Young, Jr., Ralph Edward Young, Ralph Grasett Young.

At the top of the download page is a button (it looks like a downward arrow with a line under it) to download the document and store it on your computer. The documents are "pdf" format and are about 45 Megs in size (each).

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