Friday, 14 July 2017

Death of John Vachon May, Ottawa Sharpshooter

At the time of compiling the book The Ottawa Sharpshooters I knew that John Vachon May, who took part in the Battle of Cut Knife, had moved to Chicago and become an attorney. A death date in the mid 1920s was known.
In the 12 years since the book was published much additional information has become available. On 13 July FamilySearch made available 6,560,088 Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1994, a detailed index linked to a pay site for the original image. John V. May is among them.
As it's unlikely I'll ever update the book this will serve to record his death occurring on 9 December 1927 at Bremen, Cook Co, Illinois. His address was 2520 Leland Ave, Chicago and he was imterred at Beverly Cemetery, Blue Island, , Illinois on 17 Dec 1927.

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John McConkey said...

It's always good to replace an approximate date with an accurate one. I've just ordered the death certificate of my great uncle Robert McConkey who died in 1919 in Manchester England just 36 years old. It will show his actual date of death, the cause of death and the name of the witness. There's a family story that he was gassed in France during the First World War.