Thursday, 6 July 2017

PM Justin Trudeau's Irish and Scottish Roots

One of the politician's rules, I've seen it attributed to former Deputy PM Eric Neilson, is to not waste researching your family history -- some genealogist is bound to research it for you.

That was proven this week when Irish Family History Centre genealogists, led by Fiona Fitzsimons, uncovered the story of Trudeau's maternal line eight times great grandparents married in the Diocese of Cork & Ross in 1661.
The photo was taken during Trudeau's visit to the EPIC Centre in Dublin. Read the story at

Trudeau then move of to Scotland and spoke when receiving a honourary Doctorate from Edinburgh university of his Scottish roots.

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Anonymous said...

Catherine McKenna,our Canadian Environment Minister,is half Irish. Her father, a dentist, arrived in Canada in 1956.