Friday, 21 July 2017

Ontario Rural Diaries Archive

A project from the University of  Guelph "showcases over 150 Ontario diarists from 1800 to 1960." The archive "honours the daily lives of rural people. It encourages future research by making these under-used sources which are often handwritten and fading, accessible to all."
Searchable are 16 diaries transcribed by the project, and another 27 available from previous transcriptions.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this out, John. I have been posting this on various OGS newsletter sites, and local history sites in Niagara. It's an impressive project. I have met with Dr. Cathy Wilson in Guelph and handed over two of my own 19th century family dairies to her for transcriptions. I encourage everyone in Ontario, to go through their attics, basements, etc and find these diaries to be saved for posterity. They can be from anywhere in Ontario.

Gail B in St. C.