Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Last of the WDYTYA Live DNA presentations

Maurice Gleeson has posted the final video of presentations from WDYTYA2017. It's by Katherine Borges.  As Maurice comments what better way than to have our (ISOGG) Director close the set from the final WDYTYA Live? Katherine discusses the benefits of being a Project Administrator.

You may have noticed I've posted on only a few of the videos from this year's conference. I did check most of them out, but had difficulty with the audio on many. The audio on Katherine's is relatively good.

You can find an archive of all the talk videos for this and previous years at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7HQSiSkiy7ujlkgQER1FYw/. A big thank you is due to Maurice for organizing putting these online, to Debbie Kennett as co-organizer, the volunteer speakers, and to Family Tree DNA for funding the sessions.

Now that WDYTYA Live is no more what next?

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