18 December 2009

Beauty ratios

Helen of Troy was said to have a "face that launched a thousand ships." Ever since there's been debate over how many ships the latest beauty would launch.

Now there's a new measure, involving golden ratios, coming out of research documented in a journal article abstracted in Science Direct.

The experiments reported show that for Caucasoid women " individual attractiveness is optimized when the face’s vertical distance between the eyes and the mouth is approximately 36% of its length, and the horizontal distance between the (centre of the) eyes is approximately 46% of the face’s width."

Reportedly these ratios match those of an average face.

Time to get out that old photo of great grandma, the one that's so old you can't appreciate her looks, take out the ruler and calculator, and take her measure. Just don't take it too seriously as reportedly adjustments to hair styles can change the apparent ratios.

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