15 December 2009

Daily Express has an online archive

UKPressOnline, www.ukpressonline.co.uk/ukpressonline/ have made available digitized and searchable editions of the mass market, popular press, conservative leaning, Daily Express from April 24, 1900, the first day of publication. The archives comprises around 825,000 pages. Some gaps remain to be filled.

The complete run of editions and pages of the Daily Express covering the period from the Nazi invasion of Poland in September 1939 to the final Japanese surrender in Hong Kong on September 16 1945 is now available, except
April 11 1941; March 03 1945; May 10 1945.

Simple searches are free. It costs £5.95 plus VAT for 8 hours of unlimited access. More info via the FAQ.

The Express joins the Daily Mirror Archive, 1903 - current, at UKPressOnline.

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