18 December 2009

Memorable presentations in 2009

I was fortunate to attend several conference and meeting presentations in 2009, some more memorable than others. I particularly enjoyed (in alphabetical order of speaker name):

Hand in the Snow, presented by Colleen Fitzpatrick
You don't have to be a kid to like stories. I had two opportunities to hear this case study presentation this year, and appreciated it just as much both times. In fact, I enjoyed all Colleen's presentations.

The Time of Cholera, presented by Alison Hare CG
I'd originally heard this in Toronto in November 2008. Alison presented it again at a BIFHSGO monthly meeting and it was voted the year's best presentation by the membership. Notable for the detailed research in obscure sources. 2010 brings three more opportunities to hear it: as OGS Ottawa Branch's March presentation; at the NGS conference in Salt Lake City in May, and later that month at the OGS conference in Toronto.

"Hold on Tight! - Tickets Please!", presented by Christine Jackson
A short presentation, part of the annual Great Moments December BIFHSGO meeting. A tale, well told. It resonated with this ex-pat who grew up with the double-decker bus as part of his daily routine. The talk illustrated the benefits of belonging to a remote FHS, amongst other things.

Symbolism on Gravestones: 17th Century to Present, presented by Donna Walcovy From time to time strolling in cemeteries I've mused about the gravestones. This presentation at the New England Regional Genealogical Conference in April answered some of my questions. As befits a former university lecturer the presentation was clear and well organized. The speaker's enthusiasm for her topic shone through.

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Marie said...

I am very interested in the symbolisms on gravestones. I would have loved to have heard that presentation.