13 December 2009

Free English resource reminder

Got a problem you've been researching forever? Often we think we've exhausted all the possible resources online, then someone goes and digitizes additional key records. Make it a habit to go back periodically to sites you've searched before.

I regularly mention the monthly updates to FreeBMD. FreeREG and FreeCEN also get updated.

UKBMD at www.ukbmd.org.uk/ is a handy starting point for pay and free resources, and not just for England. Select from the list on the left of the page which includes links to a growing list of local BMD sites. If you select a county you'll get a long list of sites. Don't get discouraged by the length. Persevere.

Have a look at the pages for your county or counties on GENUKI at www.genuki.org.uk/.

Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Somerset, Sussex, Warwickshire, and Wiltshire have Online Parish Clerks at www.onlineparishclerks.org.uk/.

There are other you may have bookmarked as favourites but not revisited lately.

Good luck in your search.

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