10 December 2009

BIFHSGO December meeting

10:00 a.m., 12 December 2009 at Library & Archives Canada 395 Wellington Street

Great Moments in Genealogy
presented by BIFHSGO members

Finding a Long Lost Great Aunt
by Jane Catterson
After their mother’s death in 1996, Jane and her brother found that their Faulkner great-grandmother had a sister that they did not know about. The talk will trace their discovery from Ireland to New Zealand.

Identifying a Grandfather
by Brian Watson
An empty envelope dated 1916 provides clues to a grandfather's whereabouts during the First World War.

A Great (SCOTT) Moment
by Ken Harley
Ken will tell us how an innocent trip to Picton in Prince Edward County, Ontario opened a very wide window on the history of the Scott family, taking them back more than 5 generations, and posing a new challenge: How to prove the family is descended from United Empire Loyalists? But that is another story.

Breaching the Ireland Barrier, or Maybe Not
by Willis Burwell
Willis will be describing a discovery that may trace his great grandfather back to a Townland in Ireland.

Hold on Tight! - Tickets Please!
by Christine Jackson
How a stranger’s chance question, posed to a UK family history society email list, and the response he received, led Christine Jackson to discover the danger and bravery behind a 60-year-old family story.

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