15 January 2010

100,000 pages of additional British digitised newspapers online

An additional 100,000 pages of digitised newspaper content have now been added to the 19th-Century British Library Newspapers interface.

This is the first part of the second phase of JISC funding to add 1 million pages of new content to this unique resource in early 2010, published by Gale, part of Cengage Learning.

The initial 100,000 new pages of JISC content will include selected issues from the following 19th-Century Newspapers from around the UK, with a strong focus on regional newspapers.

  • Blackburn Standard
  • Bury and Norwich Post
  • Bradford Observer
  • Cheshire Observer
  • Royal Cornwall Gazette
  • Isle of Man Times
  • Leicester Chronicle
  • Nottinghamshire Guardian
  • Sheffield Independent
  • Dundee Courier 1845-1900
  • Daily Gazette for Middlesborough
  • Southampton Herald and Isle of Wight Gazette
  • Huddersfield Chronicle
  • Lancaster Gazetter
  • The Essex Standard
  • Isle of Wight Observer
  • The Standard 1883-1900
via http://digitisation.jiscinvolve.org/2010/01/13/opening-up-regional-newspapers-100000-pages-of-new-content-added-to-19th-century-british-library-newspapers/


Anonymous said...

The news release you cite goes on to say "The new pages added to the collection in December 2009 will be an exclusive preview available to UK Further and Higher Education institutions". Do you have evidence that they are now available to the rest of us? I'm not getting any hits in the new titles.

JDR said...

Yes. This update does not appear to be available in the non-academic version yet.