31 January 2010

1874 Surrey map from MAPCO

I've blogged several times before about the great old maps online from MAPCO. For those with Surrey interest, which includes the site of TNA, a new facility is now online.

Here's the announcement as posted on GENBRIT by David Hale.

"The place name transcription work on the 1874 map of Surrey has now
been completed, so I am pleased to launch the map on the MAPCO website. It is:

Map Of The County Of Surrey From Trigonometrical Survey With The
Roads, Parks & Railways 1874

Use the thumbnail map at the top of each page to navigate your way
around the map. Hovering your mouse pointer over the thumbnails will
display a pop-up message showing the areas covered by that map
section. A coloured thumbnail image shows you where you are on the
map. The usual 'click to enlarge' feature applies to the individual
map section images displayed.

This map includes a comprehensive search feature for place names. The
search feature is located at the top right of each page, with a
search box containing the words "Search This Map". The Search Engine
enables a targeted search of the entire 1874 map of Surrey. The
spelling of place names has been accurately transcribed from the map,
so reflects the spelling used on the map. No modern updating of place
names has been applied, so some lateral thinking may be required to
find a desired street or place. Refer to the ' Complete Index Of
Surrey Place Names' link if you are having difficulty finding a place.

My sincere thanks to all of the Listers who volunteered to assist
with transcribing the place names from the Surrey map images. Thank
you all for doing such a wonderful job! Sincerely, thank you."

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