07 January 2010

Ancestors in the Attic - New Season

History Television Canada opens the fourth and final season of Ancestors in the Attic on January 7 with two half-hour episodes starting at 6pm EST, repeated at 9pm.

The episodes are described in a Global Genealogy posting at http://globalgenealogy.com/globalgazette/gazed/gazed192.htm

When she was in grade three Denice Brown of Kingston, Nova Scotia made a startling discovery - she was part Chinese. Despite asking, her father refused to ever tell her anything about her Chinese ancestry or about his life before arriving in Canada. All Denice could ever discover was the rumour that her grandfather, Au Kim Lee, was one of the first Chinese immigrants in Newfoundland. All her life Denice realized that something dramatic must have happened to her father back in China, something so fundamental he cut all ties with his Chinese family. Now, with the help of Ancestors in the Attic, Denice is returning to her father's homeland to discover what caused his silence and to see if she can uncover her Chinese connection.

Jonathan Hart is an unusual 15-year-old: while his friends are off chasing girls, Jonathan's been chasing a mystery. Obsessed with all things military, Jonathan, who is from Clarenville, Newfoundland, has long been captivated by the legend of Cyril Gardner, a relative who fought in World War One. Twice decorated, Cyril received the Distinguished Conduct Medal for a remarkable act of bravery - taking 72 German soldiers prisoner in the midst of a front line battle. But Cyril's courage didn't stop there. Legend has it that when a British officer tried to execute the German prisoners, Cyril intervened and saved their lives. Out of gratitude, one of the prisoners took an Iron Cross from his own uniform and pinned it to Cyril's chest. Now, 80 years later, Jonathan has undertaken a mission: find the Iron Cross and prove the legend true. With the help of Ancestors in the Attic, Jonathan is about to embark on a journey that will take him all the way from Clarenville, Newfoundland, to the battlefields of France.

As usual, schedules are subject to change.

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