28 January 2010

Ancestors in the Attic

History Television Canada continues the season of Ancestors in the Attic on January 28 with two new half-hour episodes starting at 6pm EST, repeated at 9pm.

The episodes are described in a Global Genealogy posting at http://globalgenealogy.com/globalgazette/gazed/gazed192.htm

Bob Stoutley, of Milton, ON, is white. But recently he made a stunning discovery: his father may have taken a dramatic family secret to his grave. Digging into his family history Bob had stumbled across a man claiming they shared the same grandfather, and that this grandfather was Black.

Unfortunately, Bob's own father had already passed away, and there was no one left in his family to tell him the truth. So Bob turned to Ancestors in the Attic. Now he is about to begin a journey that will take him to Canada's east coast in search of answers about his family's roots, and the secret his father kept hidden until his dying day.

When the Bolsheviks took power in Russia, Nicolas Makletzoff - an officer in the White Army - was forced to flee the country to avoid execution. Left behind was his 13-year-old daughter, Natalia. Eventually ending up in Canada, Nicolas spent the rest of his life desperately trying to find Natalia, but never saw his Russian daughter again.

At the age of 60, Nicolas had another daughter who he named Natalie. But when Natalie was just 18, Nicolas died. Now, nearly 40 years after his death, Natalie, who lives in Thunder Bay, ON, wants to fulfill her father's lifelong dream and discover what happened to Natalia. With Ancestors in the Attic, she will journey all the way to Belarus, in search of her half-sister, her father's Russian daughter.

As usual, schedules are subject to change.

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