21 January 2010

Pharos Tutors forthcomming courses online

The following is from Pharos Tutors.
Press Release
19 January 2010 – For Immediate Release

Get the children involved!

Pharos provides unique help for family historians with innovatory new courses

Hannah Baker, B.A. (Hons) History, PGCE, has joined the Pharos teaching team. With many years of teaching experience and a degree in Medieval History, Hannah brings a lot of experience to Pharos Tutors. Hannah will be teaching a brand new course, entitled “Climbing Trees: How to get children interested in family history”.

Most people with a love of family history know how exciting discovering the lives of their ancestors is. Bringing this to life for children is a great way to share it. The course explains how to get young minds past the pages of records and data, and into a living, breathing world of the past.

The course includes many cheap “make and do” activities and shows how to tie family history research into enhancing children’s scholastic skills. The course starts April 19, 2010 and lasts for four weeks.

Pharos Teaching & Tutoring started only 4 years ago with just five courses and three teachers and is pleased to announce that 2010 will see a programme of over 30 courses with even more in the process of development. There is something for everyone, with an expanded list of subjects and time periods. All Pharos courses are short, reasonably priced and designed to fit in with busy lifestyles. Full information is on the Pharos website http://www.pharostutors.com

Updated Course list February – August 2010

25 February – The National Archives Catalogue – Finding People – 3 weeks £32.99

8 March – Migration in the British Isles – 3 weeks £32.99

11 March – Developing and Writing Your Family History – 3 weeks £32.99

31 March – The Poor, the Parish and The Workhouse: Records in the 18th and 19th centuries – 5 weeks £42.99

6 April – Discover Your Devon Ancestors – 4 weeks £37.99

14 April – Scottish Research Online – 5 weeks £42.99

19 April – Climbing Trees: How to get children interested in family history – 4 weeks £37.99

13 May – 20th century Surveys for Family and Local History – 4 weeks £37.99

14 May – Organizing Your Genealogy – 3 weeks £32.99

18 May – Tying the knot: Marriage and its records – 3 weeks £32.99

23 June – Enclosure Maps and Records for Family Historians – 4 weeks £37.99

6 July – Scotland 1750 – 1850: Beyond the OPRs – 5 weeks £42.99

14 July – The Parish Chest: There was more to life than baptism, marriage and burial – 4 weeks £37.99

2 August – Professional Genealogist: Become One, Become a Better One – 4 weeks £37.99

Pharos is the only British provider of online classes aimed specifically at helping researchers with British and Irish ancestry. Arrangements for courses are simple and flexible making it easy to get started, study in your own time without having to travel, get help from experienced teachers, and chat about family history with other students. Courses are aimed at beginners and experienced researchers alike.

For more information on courses at Pharos, email - info@pharostutors.com

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