18 March 2010

Ancestors magazine editor's top ten favourites

Simon Fowler, editor of the soon-to-be-no-more Ancestors Magazine has made available free on the magazine web site some of the pieces "he really enjoyed commissioning and reading."

1. Chants for the memory, by Stephen Davies
2. Bloody Belgians, by Simon Fowler & Keith Gregson
3. The New Kew
4. View from Kew, by Dave Annal
5. For the criminally insane, by Kate Tyte
6. Acting as family historian, by Penny Law
7. The rise of celebrity, by Tracy Borman
8. Prisoners in Paradise, by Brenda Mortimer
9. Crime and punishment, by Nigel Green
10. Herring women, by Karen Foy

Access them from www.ancestorsmagazine.co.uk/?page=top10 and do so soon. the site could disappear.

On his blog at www.ancestorsmagazine.co.uk/?page=blog Simon has recent posts on an index to Merchant Navy Gallantry awards now included in the TNA catalogue; and a university project on vernacular place names in Great Britain.

Also there are several comments on the blog posting announcing the end of the magazine. Sadly the new magazine being offered by Wharncliffe publishing will have "more for beginners and more celebrity stuff". The UK market is already flooded with that type of content. I've asked for a refund on my remaining subscription.

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