30 March 2010

Le Temps newspaper archives

200 years of newspapers online and digitized is an achievement. The Swiss daily Le Journal de Genève "first came out on the 6th January 1826 and its last issue was dated the 28th February 1998. The complete collection represents 550,000 printed pages, equivalent to 2,000,000 articles."

While the paper is in French the interface, FAQ and other help is in English at www.letempsarchives.ch/Default/Skins/LeTempsEn/Client.asp?Skin=LeTempsEn&enter=true&AW=1269921780937&AppName=2

It appears the years 1917-1919 are missing, maybe the paper didn't publish.

The first mention of Ottawa is in a report on it being named the national capital where it is described as both new and insignificant.

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