16 March 2010

WO 97, British Army Service Records now at FindMyPast

The first 252,000 service records of soldiers in the British Army in receipt of a pension administered by The Royal Hospital Chelsea, in TNA group WO 97 and covering the period from 1883 - 1900, are now online through findmypast.co.uk. There are about seven colour images for each soldier.

Information the records may list is:
* Date and place of birth
* Age
* Name and address of next of kin
* Height
* Chest size
* Complexion
* Hair colour
* Eye colour
* Distinguishing features
* Rank and regiment
* Occupation before joining the army
* Kit list
* Medical history
* Conduct and character observations
* Countries where, and dates when, the soldier served
* Date the soldier signed up and date of discharge
* Service history including promotions, campaigns and countries where they fought
* Details of marriage and their children's names, baptisms and dates of birth

Read more about these records, the first helping of a collection that will eventually cover 1760-1913, and see sample images, at www.findmypast.co.uk/media/news/news-item.jsp?doc=CHEP.html

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