06 March 2010

Dead Ancestors

The following curt announcement is posted on the Ancestors Magazine blog at www.ancestorsmagazine.co.uk/?page=blog#198

"The April issue of Ancestors (no 94) will be the last to the published, as at the end of March as the two partners in the venture The National Archives and Wharncliffe History Magazines (WHM) are going their separate ways."

Comment: TNA have been withdrawing from their publication business line so while I'm greatly dissappointed I'm not surprised. I've been a subscriber for some while and found it to be the best of the British genealogy magazines. I wish editor Simon Fowler all the best.

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Dave Obee said...

The Ancestors website is still selling subscriptions, and there is no indication what happens to the money owed subscribers. Given that I just renewed, I'm curious to know what will happen now. I've been burned before!