19 March 2010

Ancestry add Perthshire, Scotland, Militia Survey, 1802

Indexed by volunteers, you can search by name and view originals of a form sent to householders within the Burgh of Perth requiring them to list the name of every man in their house aged 18 to 45, who was liable for service with the militia. The returns may include: Name of the householder, Occupation of the householder, Street address, Names of any inhabitants eligible for service.

Names of women appear only if they are the householder.

The number of entries isn't given. There are 287 with first name John, and 16 with last name Reid, and 5 in both categories.


MerRhosyn said...

How are you able to search this? I'm a WAP keyer and the project still shows up as "in processing" in my interface. I was excited when I saw your post as it seems like you've been able to search the images...any advice?

JDR said...

Thanks for posting a comment.

This database turned up on the company list of "Genealogy Databases Posted or Updated Recently" at < www.ancestry.com/search/rectype/recent.aspx >. It indicates there is a free index. You likely need an Ancestry subscription to view the images.

MerRhosyn said...

Thanks. I do have a subscription - your link allowed me to access the collection. The WAP dashboard still lists it as "in processing": http://community.ancestry.com/wap/dashboard.aspx. Expect they just haven't got around to advertising and finalizing the release.