Thursday, 24 February 2011

Bunhill Fields Cemetery Given Grade I Protected Status

Bunhill Fields Cemetery, just off City Road, is also one London's most hallowed burial grounds, containing the tombs of some of England's greatest writers.

It is now listed as Grade I which puts Bunhill, the pre-eminent graveyard for Nonconformists in England, in the top 10% of England's 106 registered cemeteries, and makes it part of an elite group of seven grade l registered cemeteries in London.

Bunhill is on this map of London cemeteries, and about half a mile from the Society of Genealogists building.

View London Cemeteries in a larger map

The new listings include those of John Bunyan (Grade ll*), author of Pilgrim's Progress, Daniel Defoe (Grade ll*), author of Robinson Crusoe, and the visionary poet and artist William Blake (Grade ll), whose works include Songs of Innocence and Experience and whose poem Jerusalem became the popular hymn

 The full information from English Heritage is at: Oasis of City Calm: Bunhill Fields Cemetery Given Grade I Protected Status

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