Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Guild of One-Name Studies: special offer

The following is a press release from the Guild of One-Name Studies

The Guild of One-Name Studies is to offer a special extended membership to new joiners at the forthcoming Who Do You Think You Are? Live show being held in the UK at the Olympia, London on Friday 25th to Sunday 27th February 2011.

Normally membership of the Guild costs £15.00 and covers a period of up to a year with renewal on 1st November 2011. This special extended membership will cost £20.00 but will include a full year's extra membership, renewal not being due until 1st November 2012. The aim of the scheme is to attract more new members and to encourage these members to stay with the Guild for longer and to appreciate and utilise the various benefits available to members.

For people who cannot attend the Who Do You Think You Are? Live show, the special offer of an extended membership will be made available to them for a week from when the show opens on Friday 25th February 2011 on the Guild website at:


For those of us not in the UK some of the benefits, like meetings, are not so important.

I asked Elizabeth Kipp, who is Eastern Canada Regional Representative for the Guild, what she finds to be the main benefits of her membership.

Elizabeth mentioned member access to an excellent forum to share ideas, online databases contributed by members, and a journal of excellent articles four times per year. For those into DNA for genealogy, like Elizabeth, the Guild co-ordinates with DNA testing companies to set up one name yDNA studies.

You can reach Elizabeth at:   < kippeeb at >.

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