Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Strange newspaper names

The BBC ran an article on the 10 most unusual newspaper names and followed up with a list of 50 strangest newspaper names contributed by readers.

In the Ottawa area the champion in that race must be the Low down to Hull and back news. published since 1973 from Chelsea, Quebec and for which there is an archive collection at LAC.

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J. Brian Gilchrist said...

My favorite from Ottawa has to be "A usually relaible source" published between 1971 - 1975. Copies at Library Archives Canada. Other favorites are "The Broke Hustler" published in Iroqois Falls in the 1920's; "The Lilliputian Argus" - [published in Hamilton in the 1840's]. However my alltime favorite is a tie between "The Gorrie Gazette" published at the village of Gorrie, Ontario and "The Aurora Borealis" published in, wherelse - Aurora, Ontario. Cheers! J. Brian Gilchrist