07 February 2011

New Ottawa City Archives Update: 5 Feb 2011

On Saturday I was finally able to sneak into the parking lot on the grounds of the new Archives. The lot is in good shape but there is still considerable work in progress inside and outside. Here is the view of the archives wing from the south.

While the windows seem mainly in place much cladding on the exterior is yet to be installed. The large expanse of windows promises that excellent natural light will flood the interior.

Only when I got close was I able to see an attractive detail. The windows are engraved with what appears to an extract from an old diary or similar document.
It's a distinctive touch that if it reflects the depth of thought that has gone into the rest of the building suggests the City will have an archives of which it can truly be proud.


Anonymous said...

If the windows face south what is to prevent paper from fading damage?

Mary Anne said...

John - I can't see your pictures. They seemed to load - or some did - at the beginning but then when the page was fully deployed, the pictures were not there. I wonder if anyone else has this problem? I am using Firefox 3.6.13

Mary Anne

WJM said...

Why on earth did they design this building with the main entrance set so far back from the street?

The city keeps doing this with its own public buildings, despite its official plan about giving priority to pedestrians.

JDR said...

The setback from Woodroffe is to allow for a dedicated transit corridor, and so that the archival storage is not subject to excessive vibration.