09 January 2013

BCG has a new blog

Dick Eastman posted on his blog at http://bit.ly/XIZkjM an announcement about a new genealogy blog from the US-based Board for Certification of Genealogists.
A self-regulated body dominated by US residents there are a few Canadians who have achieved the certification, and one who serves as a trustee, Alison Hare.
There are just a few introductory posts on the blog, and according to Dick's item:
"Future posts will come from BCG officers, trustees, and committee members and will include:
-names and profiles of new certificants (whose portfolios of work have been judged to meet the standards set out in the BCG Genealogical Standards Manual),
- news of conferences and events where BCG will have a presence through exhibit booths, lectures, certification seminars, and social events, and
- information, advice, and explanation on genealogy standards, the certification procedures, and other items of interest.
In addition a current-events calendar lists where BCG will have a presence. Anyone may subscribe to email notifications of new posts from the site as well."
The blog is likely to be of most interest to those seeking BCG certification, which has just become more costly as application fees have been increased.
I asked Alison why a Canadian would want to seek certification from a US- based organization. Her response:
"Genealogical standards know no boundaries and applying for certification is the ultimate test of how well an individual's work measures up in terms of quality."

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