15 January 2013

Gene-O-Rama cancelled

As Minister of the Environment Rona Ambrose got a reputation as the least environmentally friendly Minister since Suzanne Blais-Grenier. The tactics used at that time are now finding application in her present department of Public Works. Same game, different field.
In November 2011 Minister Ambrose announced that a planned increase in charges for public use of the ground floor at 395 Wellington Street, administration of which had been transferred from Library and Archives Canada, would be deferred until 2013 and then phased in to full market rates over four years.
On that basis, and despite anticipating a deficit, the Ottawa Branch of OGS booked space for its annual Gene-O-Rama event for April 5-6.
On Monday evening event coordinator Mike More announced the event will not now take place.
New policies adopted by Public Works are seemingly aimed at making it as difficult as possible for volunteer groups to use 395 Wellington. Facilities previously included in the rental are being withdrawn or only made available at additional cost. Permission to use Branch-owned equipment, previously routinely used, is denied. The event was cancelled when the projected deficit reached an unsustainable level five times that originally projected.
The Minister's commitment is being ignored by her department maybe with, maybe without her consent.

“When one door closes, another opens ..."

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Brian Glenn said...

With similar tactics, the Rideau Canal is being restricted to users as well (Ottawa Citizen article today).