26 January 2013

QFHS Connections Winter/Spring 2013

The new issue of the Quebec Family History Society journal Connections arrived earlier this week. In addition to regular content about the Society and its activities, and shorter news items, there are some longer articles - none of them overly long.
The Mintram Family: Barnardo's and the Titanic Connection tells the story of orphaned children who came to Canada under the auspices of the Barnardo organization and who served with Canadian forces during the Great War. It is followed by a page on home children.
Streetcars Named Tragedies recounts the involvement of writer Sandra Belliveau's family in two Montreal streetcar accidents.
Victoria Bridge and the Irish of Montreal retells the history of the Black Rock or Irish Commemorative Stone placed to mark the resting place of 6,000 Irish famine immigrants buried near the Victoria bridge.
Frequent contributor Robert Wilkins writes on Disorderly Houses in Edwardian Montreal and the conflict between moral and pragmatic approaches to dealing with them.
In Looking for Obituaries Sandra Belliveau gives an overview of seeking these useful sources.
Connections is a membership benefit of the Quebec Family History Society which has a website at www.qfhs.ca and is also active on Facebook.

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