21 January 2013

Incest and Folk Dancing

I've occasionally mentioned Gresham College lectures and recently noted another of genealogical interest with the intriguing title Incest and Folk-Dancing: Two things to be Avoided. It was given On January 17 by geneticist Steve Jones.

Days to weeks after the event these talks often to appear on the Gresham site as a video. In the meantime there are files with the transcript and slides at http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and-events/incest-and-folk-dancing-two-things-to-be-avoided.

There's also a digestible summary, pointed out in a blog post by Chris Paton, by genealogist Geoff Swinfield on his blog at http://researchlondon.info/genealogical-research/incest-and-folk-dancing.

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