21 January 2013

Irish Civil Registration Records for Free

Publicity has been coming in about "Irish History Family Day" next Thursday, the 24th. Findmypast.ie is using it to publicize one-day free access to 21 million Irish birth, marriage, and death records.
An article accessible at www.irishcentral.com/topics/Irish+roots carefully refers to these as "birth, marriage, and death records" between the 1800’s to the 1950’s. Are they the full civil registration information, given the late dates included I doubt it, or just index records?
"Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958", over 21 million of them, have been available at familysearch.org for free since May 2010.


Chris Paton said...

They are the same GRO index records as on FamilySearch - so indexes for the Republic from 1845-1958 and for Northern Ireland from 1845-1921. FMP has the advantage over FamilySearch (and Ancestry) though, in that you can now do a search for a marriage using two surnames - the spouse's surname can be put into the What Else box.

Susan said...

Two of my favourite genealogists and bloggers informing and pointing us in the right directions, saving us valuable research time and practice!

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing only INDEXES mentioned,but I know for a fact that there are films of the actual registration books...CERTS as most people wrongly refer to them...Granted ,not all books have been filmed,but there are quite a lot....Frank McGonigal

Chris Paton said...

Microfilms of actual registers are available via LDS family history centres - but they are incomplete in their coverage