Sunday, 8 February 2015


As genealogists we recognize that librarians are our best friends so it's good to see a Canadian library business winning world recognition.

Toronto-based BiblioCommons is a growing company which aims "to help public libraries deliver the same kind of rich discovery and community connection experiences online that the library has always delivered in its branches -- all built around the heart of the library: its collections."

BiblioCommons serves 43 public libraries in Canada including Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Windsor, Hamilton, Ottawa and the New Brunswick Public Library Service; 35 in the USA including San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Boston, as well as consortia and four libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

In a recent announcement the (UK) Society of Chief Librarians announced BiblioCommons is awarded a contract, funded by £30,000 grant from Arts Council England, to research consumer and library sector needs and create a vision and roadmap for a unified digital platform for England. Work on stage 1 is expected to complete at the end of March 2015.


Infolass said...

Yarra Plenty Regional Library in Melbourne Australia is a Bibliocommons library.

Anonymous said...

As a librarian, I was interested in which Cdn libraries picked up on this, and which not.

Seems an important source of information for anyone with any level of interest in the politics of their country.

Gail B in St. C.