Thursday, 26 February 2015

BIFHSGO DNA Special Interest Group Meeting this Saturday

A special BIFHSGO DNA Special Interest Group meeting will be held next Saturday, 28 Feb. commencing at 9:30 am at the City Archives at 100 Tallwood Drive.

Bill Arthurs will open the meeting with a half-hour presentation of basic “DNA 101” of interest to newer members and those still trying to grasp the basics.

At 10 am David Pike of Memorial University will be giving an internet Skype presentation on autosomal DNA analysis. Here's the summary:
Phasing of a person’s autosomal DNA data entails partitioning the data so that the portions inherited from the person’s two parents are separately identified. Once this is done, it can greatly assist with determining whether genetic matches with the person are on the father’s side, the mother’s side, both, or neither (as may be the case with false matches that can sometimes arise when comparing unphased data). Phasing can also assist with mapping blocks of autosomal DNA to particular ancestors and in situations where DNA results are available from several family members, it may even be possible to reconstruct DNA results of deceased family members. This presentation will provide an introduction to phasing and some of the techniques and online utilities that can be used to help accomplish it.
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