Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Many Families: stories of our families

If I could receive an extra hour of life for everyone who has told me they will write up their family history when ....  I'd live forever. The when is often something like stop volunteering on other things Too often that day never comes. I'm doomed!
BIFHSGO colleague Terry Findley, with whom I served on the BIFHSGO Board, is an exception. I now have the first issue of a planned 12 issue collection of his and Tad, his wife's family history. It's an inspiration.
In 8-1/2" by 11" glossy magazine format the first thing that grabs your attention is the design and layout done by their son Kelly, a professional in the field. Even if the content was sub-standard, it's far from it, the design would keep your attention.
The contents are categorized by those relating to the Findley family (nine articles), the Pursel family (5 articles) and Researching (12 articles.) The Findley content includes the cover story, He Died for $1.75; the Purcel, Meet Teddy Roosevelt: City Slicker; and Researching Importance of the Irish Tithe Applotment Books, 1823 to 1837. They are written by Terry and edited by Tad. It's a real family production.

Future issues will feature:
Issue 2: Llanos, Cuenca
Issue 3: Wickham, Dunham, Rotten
Issue 4: Mason, Girling
Issue 5: Rostant, Kayne
Issue 6: McCalister, Milks and Moore
Issue 7: Jenkins, Bradley, Wilson, Erwin
Issue 8: Borrett, Olley, Goffin
Issue 9: Dowser, McCooey, Weatherall, Clements
Issue 10: Pantin, Ganteaume
Issue 11: Busby, Lacasse
Issue 12: Carige, Mariño, Meany
Interested to know more? You can reach Terry at manyfamilies at rogers.com

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