Monday, 16 February 2015

Genealogy à la carte blogaversary

A tip of the hat to Gail Dever who today celebrates the first anniversary of her Genealogy à la carte blog which she describes as "genealogy news blog from a Montréal, Québec point de vue." Gail certainly works hard, I counted 47 posts in January, to bring her followers:
"everything from new resources and genealogy standards to education, issues, and societies. Sometimes, we even share stories about our ancestors from Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, and around the world."
She does it on Facebook and Pinterest too.
On Alexa Genealogy à la carte ranks 1,268,118 among all websites, excellent progress in the first year. That's a higher rank than, where she's webmater, and, where she isn't!


Unknown said...

Thank you, John, for your very kind words. Your support this past year has meant a great deal to me.

Unknown said...

John,as a fellow Canadian, I too applaud Gail's efforts and appreciate the gems she send us on a frequent basis. You and she sent recent Roots Tech 2015 blogs which were especially timely and helpful. Keep up the good work! Bonne Chance Gail!