Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Findmypast peers ahead

Post-RootsTech Findmypast posted "Findmypast subscriber numbers grow, as fantastic new developments and partnerships are announced at RootsTech 2015." What's new?

  • A partnership with  StoryPress Inc. so that "anybody to create rich and powerful stories to enjoy themselves or share with the world, and we’ll be working together to make this available for all our valued Findmypast subscribers."
  • "Findmypast and StoryPress have already created Story Guides specifically aimed at helping genealogists to bring their family history to life using audio, images and video. The service, which can be found at is completely free to use .."
  • A new partnership with FamilyTreeDNA. (However, it's unclear that it's anything but a marketing partnership.)
  • A partnership with BillionGraves, with which we will add more than 12 million grave marker indexes to Findmypast. 
What I don't see is information on other new record sets on the horizon. There will surely be some or have we reached the full extent of the cooperation with FamilySearch? I think they're keeping a few cards up their sleeves!
FMP keeps adding records each Friday, British newspapers keep being added through the partnership with the British Library, and I hear there's a possibility of new datasets sourced from somewhere in Atlantic Canada. 

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