Saturday, 23 September 2017

Ottawa War Bride Couple Death

The death of English war bride Jean (Tubbs) Spear and her Canadian husband of 72 years George Spear a week ago made news on the BBC and CBC as well as in the Ottawa Citizen. They died less than six hours apart.
Jean had arrived in Ottawa on 21 December 1944, one of eight (?) war brides and six children who arrived on the same train at the Union Station. The Ottawa Journal reported their arrival under the headline British Brides Arrive in Snow Storm, Get Warm Welcome.
Weather records show that storm dumped 9.4 cm of snow.

Does anyone know the story of the other war brides arriving on that train:

Margaret I. Coller
Patricia Dudman, with daughter Barbara
Joan Fee
Ethel Large, and daughter Jennifer Street
Joyce Ryan, and son Patrick
Phyllis Mahoney, and son John
and two children of Major S. G Gamble, Margaret and Jean (mother deceased).

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