Friday, 22 September 2017

WDYTYA UK on YouTube

Several episodes from the most recent British TV series of Who Do You Think You Are? are new on YouTube.

They are supported by advertizing.

Noel Clarke
Fearne Cotton
Charles Dance
Lisa Hammond
Ian McKellen

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Rachel Dunkley said...

Whilst I am very pleased that some episodes of WDYTYA are now available on Youtube, I must confess to being disappointed with the way the series is now progressing.

I wish they would explain how they have compiled the research they have done, instead of just telling a celebrity that they have researched their family tree and just showing them a tree. I do not see how this is helpful to anyone who wishes to learn how to research their own family tree.

Furthermore, the ordinary man/woman in the street is unable to ask a doctor or professor of history to help them with their research like a celebrity can.

Family history research is a fascinating subject, but it can sometimes prove very difficult to find information about a particular ancestor - I am sure that the people conducting the research on behalf of the celebrity have taken many months to find the information. I just wish they would make that clear in the program...