05 September 2017

Weather and The Talk Genealogy Podcast

Malcolm Noble is a British crime writer with a long time interest in family history.
His recent article Answers in the wind: using local weather studies for family history research in the Journal of Genealogy and Family History caught my attention. After all, I am a former meteorologist.
Surfing around I stumbled on his blog The Talk Genealogy Podcast which he advertises as "the podcast for genealogists with too much time on their hands." Sure! It's especially for English genealogy and periods prior to civil registration and the census.
In a year's worth of monthly episodes he tackles topics like the Hearth Tax and Pipe Rolls in an approachable manner. Worth checking out.


Celia Lewis said...

Oh, what a lovely stumble you had, John! I've been checking this out and love his style and information. Definitely valuable resource - thanks.

Unknown said...

Thank you Celia and John. Hope you continue to follow and please let me know of any subjects you think I should cover. Malcolm Noble