07 August 2018

Col By Day Surprise

For quite a few years on Colonel By Day the grassed area below the railing near the Bytown Museum would have been covered with a large tent housing displays from various Ottawa local historical and heritage societies. The area buzzed with activity.
This photo from Monday shows the area vacant. I wondered what happened.
Apparently the Council of Heritage Organizations in Ottawa that used to organize it backed out last year leaving the Bytown Museum responsible. It's disappointing CHOO, that exists to bring organizations together, abandoned this landmark event.
One of the local museums, Goulbourn, did have a display. The staff explained that it was the bicentennial of military land grants being given in that Township.
Next to them was a display for the Friends of the Rideau who kindly let Heritage Ottawa share some of their space.

UPDATE: On this Colonel By Day, a small gift to the man behind the Rideau Canal, by Randy Boswell.

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