14 August 2018

Unlock the Past in Seattle, with Blaine Bettinger and Maurice Gleeson

On Thursday 6 September from 12.30 pm to 8.00 pm ET Australian company Unlock the Past will be livestreaming presentations from a conference in Seattle.
For $65 US get access to 10 presentations, five of which you can view live, the others available on replay until the end of the month.

The schedule is:


12.30 pm – Using Y-DNA and mtDNA to explore your ancestry – B. Bettinger
2.00 pm – Using Autosomal DNA for 18th and 19th century mysteries – B. Bettinger
3.00 pm– Challenges with Irish genetic genealogy – M. Gleeson
5.30 pm – Using third-party tools to analyze your Autosomal DNA – B. Bettinger
7.00 pm – Phasing and mapping your DNA – B. Bettinger

STREAM 2  – Irish genealogy and more

12.30 am – Tracing your immigrant ancestor to Ireland – a strategic approach – M. Gleeson
2.00 pm – Genealogy and the Little Ice Age – W. Shepheard
3.00 pm– The hidden web: digging deeper – C. Ingle
5.30 pm – Navigating Irish birth, marriage & death records – M. Gleeson
7.00 pm – Newspapers, gravestones & probate: rich sources for Irish genealogy – M. Gleeson

Find out more at www.utpinseattle.com/

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