21 August 2018

FamilySearch posts Wales Court and Miscellaneous Records, 1542-1911

Browse files, currently 408,660 images of Court Records and Marriage Bonds from the National Library of Wales, have been posted by FamilySearch. They cover the years 1542 to 1911.
The records are described as "part of a set of gateway records needed to bridge from the census and civil registration era back to the earlier period when land and property records are required for pre-1841 research."
More detail on the collection is on the FamilySearch Wiki.

The record types included are:

  • Consistory Court papers (mostly Carmarthenshire 1600-1857)
  • Consistory Court papers-Bonds (Carmarthenshire 1726-1778)
  • Consistory Court papers-Citations & Monitions (Carmarthenshire 1683-1810) 
  • Consistory Court papers-General (Carmarthenshire 1675-1770)
  • Consistory Court papers-Wills & Probates (Carmarthenshire 1613-1809)
  • Court papers (mostly for Glamorgan 1688-1732)
  • Court records-Crown Books (Carmarthenshire 1614-1666, Flintshire 1564-1637) 
  • Court records-Docket Book of Fines and Recoveries (Denbighshire 1792-1806, Flintshire 1771-1830)
  • Court records-gaol files (mostly Denbighshire 1545-1708, Flintshire 1542-1730)
  • Court records-Imparlance book (Denbighshire 1710-1830, Fintshire 1798-1830)
  • Court records-minute book (Flintshire 1741-1816)
  • Court records-Prothonotary's remembrances and rules of court (Flintshire 1574-1731)
  • Court Records-rule books (Denbighshire 1733-1830)
  • Marriage bonds (widespread)
  • Memoranda of the Great Sessions (Carmarthenshire 1707-1756)

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