13 August 2018

Ottawa City’s Annual Reports and Council Minutes.

Romaine Honey emailed to let us know about a new OPL blog post Was your ancestor arrested, rescued, or paid by the City? It's about the City Annual Reports going back to 1892; and Council Minutes from 1875.
They’re full of statistics that tell you about life and conditions in Ottawa; and there are a surprising number of individuals mentioned, for various reasons.  Anyone who claimed damages, had a fire or property expropriation, got a City pension, etc. is named with relevant details in these publications, so they can be useful for genealogy as well as local history.
I didn't know the OPL has these in its collection in the Ottawa Room at the Main Library at 120 Metcalfe. The Ottawa City Archives also has a collection which I recently used.

More recent reports, from 2010 are online at https://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/accountability-and-transparency/annual-report

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