01 August 2018

Internet Genealogy, August/September 2018

Here's the line-up in the latest issue of Internet Genealogy from Moorshead Magazines.
Inside Jokes: perusing cartoons of the past
Sue Lisk rarely disappoints. This article of her's is no exception—for those with US interest. It points to five sources for cartoons that likely made US ancestors chuckle, or ponder. Today the context may be obscure, the past is a foreign country, especially for those of us where the topics are of a foreign country.

Flesh on the Bones: the value of newspapers in adding detail to a family tree
Robbie Gorr illustrates their use to find surprising details, sometimes in places you'd never have searched without digitized issues.

Home Delivery from Newspapers.com

Fighting for Freedom: service records for African-American Soldiers in the Civil War

Introducing the Virtual Genealogical Society Association
Christine Woodcock writes on this initiative in which she is heavily involved, and which I covered along with three other online initiatives here. The name is now changed from Society to Association.

Weather Report: online sources for unusual weather events of the past
Sue Lisk lives up to the promise of the title with little known sources for unusual weather. If it wasn't one in which your ancestor was involved you're out of luck.

Patterns, Plans and Your Ancestors' Projects

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection

Net Notes
Four net sources, three for the US plus British and Irish Furniture Makers online which I covered last October here.

The Quebec Genealogical eSociety
Another one I covered in the same blog post as the VGS VGA

When Did They Start Saying That...?
A source for when words came into use in print, from Old English to the blockchain era.

Create Personalized Content with Padlet
Another virtual bulletin board app, free

Upcoming Genealogical Society Events

Back Page: Local Societies are the Lifeblood of What We Do
An appreciation of the work that goes into organizing an event for a local genealogical society.

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