31 July 2018

Canada’s Newspaper Heritage at LAC

Without responding directly to criticism LAC has a new blog post on newspapers.

The best news is near the end ... "LAC also is developing an updated strategy to address our newspaper collection." Will it be done internally or seek advice from external, including international sources?

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Dave Allston said...

It's unfortunate that Google gave up on its newspaper digitization project. Keep hearing rumours every now and again that they may be picking it back up. The keyword searching on the Citizen issues is horrific, but at least the issues are online (well about 75% of them anyways). I would be curious to know how the public can influence LAC, Ottawa Archives, Canadiana, Newspapers.com, etc. to take on the Citizen project, like was done with the Journal. I'd happily contribute to a funding drive, if that's what it came to!