02 July 2018

FindMyPast - no discount?

Three organizations I'm a member of have offered a discount for FindMyPast subscriptions. In some cases they also made a contribution to the organization.

FMP is reviewing its policy and has discontinued the discount. Will that mean an increased subscription fee?

My subscription expires in mid-August and I'll be watching to see the renewal terms. In the meantime I checked auto-renewal and found it was turned on. What bargaining power does one have when you're by default agreed to whatever terms offered?

Make sure you turn off auto-renewal whenever possible.


Margaret Dougherty said...

My FMP subscription expires tomorrow. Yes, my auto renewal is turned off, but so far I've received absolutely nothing from them as to exactly what my renewal rate will be.

When I inquired after they stopped offering the 50% discount at the start of this year, they told me that as an existing customer, I'd be eligible for a 15% discount at renewal. Aside from the cost, the other big consideration for me is that, living in Canada, we're charged in US$. So, whatever the one-year renewal with the 15% discount is, that GBP fee is charged to me in US$, which are then converted to CAN$, which as we know is not doing at all well.

I'll be reaching out, as they say, to FMP today.

Toni said...

I had resubscribed for a month and found out that was also auto renewal. Sneaky! But that seems to be the standard practice. Don't assume an expired card won't process. It can.

Anonymous said...

Ancestry was set to automatically renew my world membership for $300.00. They confirmed this when I called the day before. A few days later I was offered a $149.00 renewal.