19 July 2018

Surnames Resource

Curious about the surnames in your family tree? There are lots of resources, especially from the Guild of One-Name Studies and now that DNA surname studies are well established.
I recently came across retired University of Winnipeg geographer Howard Mathieson’s Geography of Surnames website devoted to the study of English, Scottish and Irish surnames.
Going along the ribbon, after the introduction which shows his pedigree as a geographer there are sections on place and occupational surnames. Under Surname Themes there are sections on distinctive Cornish, Welsh and Border Reiver surnames, and for Ireland Ulster and Norman origin names.
Recommended Reading — 14 useful references.

Check out the drop-downs under "Odds and Ends".
  • The Scotland Parish Atlas is a Google Earth research tool which brings together finding aids for Scottish genealogy. You download a .kmz file which opens as a Google Earth overlay. It shows county and parish boundaries and over 2,000 links to external web pages relating to Scottish genealogy.
  • The Highland Clearances
  • Cartographic Astrology — why Origenes is nonsense.
  • The Monastic Atlas and Gazetteer of Ireland — a Google Earth download
  • Population change in Ireland — famine maps
  • Size can be deceiving!

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Shirley said...

What a great find!! Thank you.