19 July 2018

Genealogy moves further online

Have you noticed the trend?

The Virtual Genealogical Association, founded on 27 April 2018 as the Virtual Genealogical Society, aims to provide a forum for genealogists to connect, network, and mentor with genealogists around the world through monthly meetings online, webinars, social networking, annual conferences, and in-person meet-ups at conferences, institutes and events around the world.

Active since June 2018 the VGA is offering 3 webinars a month, a three day virtual conference at the start of November (extra cost, discount for members) and other benefits for $20 US annual fee.

The Québec Genealogical eSociety, launched in January 2018, provides a virtual environment enabling members to:

  • participate and share in their genealogical research.
  • network with other genealogists.
  • pursue their growth as genealogists, either by coaching others or by being coached.
  • conduct continuous improvement and development of best practices in the discipline of genealogy.
There is a monthly webinar and access to the BMS2000 and the PRDH databases. A 1 year membership is $45 Cdn.

DNA Central was created in 2017 and 2018 by Blaine Bettinger to help educate the millions of people taking DNA tests every year. Present offerings are:
  • 10 self-guided DNA courses, with more coming soon! 
  • Bi-weekly newsletter with the latest news & developments! 
  • Growing webinar and short video library!
DNA Central aims to become THE premiere location for DNA education of all kinds, with articles, newsletters, videos, webinars, and much more! Annual Membership is $99 US.

Active since October 2014 so not as new an initiative, The Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research offers courses on a wide variety of genealogical subjects, consisting of:
  • six hours of instruction from a (US) nationally recognized expert
  • extensive syllabus material
  • practical exercises
Also offered are occasional webinars. 
There is no membership fee, each course or webinar is individually priced.

Don't overlook online resources available free or as part of the membership of more established organizations — you may already be a member.

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