27 July 2018

Findmypast adds Scots Guards records

Over 34,000 new Scots Guards records have been added to Findmypast's collection of British Army Service records. 
The additions are enlistment registers for other ranks, 1799-1939 although the Scots Guards website emphasizes the period 1840-1938. Those attestation books record the place, date, and age of the soldier at the time of attestation. You will also find the soldier’s birth place, spouse’s name, marriage date, and trade prior to joining the army. The books also recorded if the individual received medals or was wounded during service, as well as the individual’s rank at the time of discharge.
The officer enlistment books for 1642-1939 provide dates of promotion to officer ranks such as lieutenant, captain, major, or lieutenant colonel. The remarks column details the officer’s mobilisation dates and resignation dates, as well as whether the officer was wounded or received medals or awards. Some records will include a date of death, especially in cases where the officer was killed in action or died of wounds.

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